Aliskim & Luna - Creators of illusions Espectáculos de Magia
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Theatrical show, to be represented on the street or indoors, close to the audience, as they seek their complicity over representation. It is oriented to all audience, children or families.+Informació


A magical and poetry story for all type of audience. +Informació


ILLUSIONARIUM: set of devices and magical effects designed to create phenomena that contradict the laws of nature and produce in those who observed a series of reactions and pleasurable sensations, fascination, amazement, wonder and excitement. You can’t imagine what you will see! You won’t believe what you are watching!! You won’t forget what you have seen!!!+Informació

Magic Moments
Moments Màgics

Magic act from 30 to 45 minutes. Kind, current, direct, participatory, spectacular, with touches of humour. Ideal to fit all types of spaces and audiences.+Informació


Appearances, disappearances, levitation, divided women, amazing transformations and the top calibre illusion “The human cannonball”. The most spectacular magic of all time, for today’s audiences.+Informació

Luna´s aerial dream
Luna´s aerial dream

Illusions & aerobatics performance


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