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A magical and poetry story for all type of audience. The action of the history is held in a mysterious space where we find lots of large objects covered with all type of cloths. An enigmatic figure,a magician, appears and find all these particular and suggestive “Encants”. Suddenly when the magician is ready to discover what is behind all these clothes and play with them,He discovers the space is haunted. While our main actor is playing with different elements, a naughty goblin appears. The magician and the goblin begin to play together as the friendship between them is getting stronger. They will appear, disappear and keep transforming themselves during all the performance. They will transform everything around them into magic. We will life funny and tender moments with them and they will surprise the audience. The public, the magician and the goblin will life an unbelievable experience full of sensations, emotions and magic that will not ever forget.
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