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Aliskim & Luna
Aliskim & Luna
  Aliskim & Luna was founded in 2.002 to reform the magic art.

From the very beginning Aliskim & Luna collaborate in the creation of their original and spectacular projects that has given them international recognition.

They have been contracted twice, for the Chinese authorities,to perform at the New Year´s Celebrations in Beijing.

Their singularity has given them the chance to perform at many international festivals in Europe and Asia.

"Aigam", "Noom","Encants" and "Il·lusionarium" are some of their shows where they demand magic as a high art creation.

When Aliskim & Luna magically appear on stage, there is something truly astonishing. Its unique presence quickly captivates the hearts and minds of every audience member.

You could say of Aliskim & Luna, who have reinvented the old art of illusion.

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